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Old meets 'Old' 

Bedford Borough has embarked on a programme to inspect all of its 14,000 columns and replace where considered to be in poor condition. Along with the column inspections LED lighting is being installed across the Borough. The scheme was due to be completed by April 2018. The majority of replacements have been completed by May 2018 though some older installations survive

This Example on Albany Road sees an original 'Castie' being replaced by a modern LED heritage lantern

Latest Updates: 29/05/18

Ampthill photo album updated where survivors are no more

Previous Updates: 14/07/17

Further updates to the LED replacements in Bedford Borough

LED Replacements in Haynes Village 

Surviving 'Merc' Streets in Bedford

Bedford still has some streets where no replacements have been made in the last 20 years or so with al lighting remaining Mercury. I have started a list below which I intend to remove any streets where non MBF lighting is installed whether by casual or mass replacements.

with the LED replacement programme in place it is likely that any remaining 'merc' stock will be removed in the coming months.
Some 'Merc's still survive in 2018 but are on streets where other installations have crept in

  • Beckett Street - Removed 2016
  • Brackley Road - Partly upgraded 2014, remainder replaced 2015
  • Bridge Road - Scheduled for removal Autumn 2016 - Remains so far 2018
  • Churchville Road - Removed 2014
  • Derwent Place - Removed 2016
  • Eastville Road - Removed 2014
  • Firbank Road - Scheduled for removal Autumn 2016 - Remains so far 2018
  • Mabel Road - Removed 2014


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