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These are replacement schemes in Bedford Town and are arranged in date order. for Bedfordshire Villages please go to the Bedfordshire pages

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Ampthill Road Area, Bedford & Kempston - Summer 2014 (Updated 2016)

During the summer the largest scale replacement scheme in recent history within Bedford's side roads commenced. The work is being carried out by the council direct works team and will eventually replace all lanterns and a lot of the columns in the areas surrounding Ampthill Road.

In 2016 the lanterns are being replaced again by Urbis Ampera (See new photos below)

Aspley Road, an existing column has been fitted with a new bracket and LED lantern. The lantern is a Holophane 'Factor Small' which is the lantern that will eventually be used throughout the project

UPDATE: The V-Max was chosen instead for the later part of the project though in 2016 these started to be removed and replaced with Urbis Ampera

Still on Aspley Road a Stanton concrete column (left)  is being re-used, this previously was fitted with a GEC post top lantern which was typical of the area. On the right is a Thorn 'Beta 5' that is awaiting replacement.

UPDATE: in 2017 all lanterns were changed to Urbis

On College Road a hockeystick has had it's lantern replaced, the new LED lantern appears to 'droop'

UPDATE: The lanterns have all since been changed to Urbis Ampera

Also on College Road (left) a typical Stanton 1805 column with GEC Mercury lantern is in the process of being replaced. On the right another replacement underway in Bunyan Road. On the fence a domestic lantern is fitted, even with the relatively poor output of the 'merc' it would be dim in comparison.


Eastville Road, a Baker Ironworks column with GEC lantern is being replaced. 

UPDATE: All the replacement lanterns have since been changed to Urbis Ampera

Staying on Eastville Road another Baker column with a relatively modern GEC Z8896 lantern is being replaced. The one positive is this road will never be lit with anything other than white light.

UPDATE: The lanterns have since been changed to Urbis

 Edward Road, this very dilapidated Baker column is being replaced

UPDATE: The new column is now fitted with an Ampera

Houghton Road, To enable install of pay machines the lantern control gear of this and some other columns need to be removed to enable install of the cable. All the Stanton 1805's are due to be replaced on this road shortly so a Philips WRTL 'Libra' is being installed temporarily.

A few days later the machine is now in situ (left) and on the right is another example of a temporary installation on Ombersley Road.

UPDATE: The lantern on the right has since been changed to an Urbis LED lantern

 Also on Ombersley Road another cast iron column may be due for removal in the near future?

(Left) on Ridgemount Street a GEC Z8896 with very brown bowl survived until July 2016 when it was replaced by an Urbis Ampera along with all other lanterns on the street


Southville Road, a couple of Baker columns with GEC 'Oxford' bowl Z5580 lanterns are in the process of replacement. Due to the lanterns having glass refractor bowls the output on these are very respectable despite their advancing years.

UPDATE: The replacements have since been changed again to Amperas

A change in lantern type has been deployed for these replacements, still made by Holophane by instead the new lantern is a 'V-Max' which is a post top mount lantern unlike the side entry 'Factor Small' lanterns fitted already

UPDATE: The lantern was changed again to Urbis Ampera


 (Left) Another V-Max being installed on Mabel Road and (Right) in 2016 the lantern is replaced again by a new Urbis LED lantern


Just over the border into Kempston, on Lynton Grove further replacements are underway. Some of the old Thorn columns are being kelp but a couple are being replaced. The majority of the old lanterns were GEC 'Boats'

UPDATE: The Holophane lanterns have now been replaced by Urbis

Sexton Avenue in Kempston sees another new column, it is temporarily fitted with a 'Libra' but will be fitted with an LED lantern in due course

UPDATE: All lanterns were changed to Urbis Ampera in 2016

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Mile Road, Bedford - September 2014

Until recently Mile Road was lit mainly by Thorn Alpha 9's on concrete columns, the majority of which were sleeved, A few casual replacements have taken place over the years and full replacements were undertaken of the ends of the road where the layout was modified in the 1990's. The replacements at the time were steel columns fitted with 135W Philips MA SOX lanterns.

It is likely that this will be one of the last full induction schemes as the council contract with AMEY was due to come to an end.

All Induction lights were replaced again in 2016

This example has been previously replaced with a 150W SON WRTL 'Arc' around 2010. The new column is fitted with an INDO induction lamp so has probably been installed by AMEY ltd under the last remaining parts of their lighting contract in the borough.

UPDATE: The lantern has been replaced by an Urbis Ampera

One of the last unsleeved but spalling columns now facing its demise

A Philips MA lantern and sleeved column awaits removal, the old concrete column has a noticeable lean compared with its replacement

UPDATE: Its replacement has since been fitted with an Urbis Ampera

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Lancaster Avenue, Bedford - October 2014

Lancaster Avenue is located off Mile Road and intersects other roads. What makes this replacement scheme of interest is there are several columns located on opposing corners of the streets being intersected which means the columns are shared with other streets at these locations making the replacements partially shared also.

This old Revo column has been missing its bracket for some while and was fitted with a GEC post-top mercury lantern. It's demise is now certain as the new column and finally the new Holophane 'V-Max' lantern is fitted

UPDATE: The V-Max has since been changed to an Urbis lantern


This old Revo column is showing its age and has been neglected over the years. The replacement although only 5 Metres appears considerably taller than the original

Another Revo awaiting replacement. The bracket was looking rather loose and a few days later had been removed.

Another Revo column fitted with Revo lantern is being replaced, this one shares the corner with Blackley Road which means that Brackley will cease to be all Mercury lit shortly.


A few days later a Philips WRTL 'Libra' was fitted as a temporary measure as it was believed the old column was just about to be removed which turned out to be incorrect and finally the new Holophane LED lantern was installed.

More examples of the original installation can be found in the photo galleries

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