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Bedford & Kempston - November 2015 (onwards)

From Autumn 2015 a mass replacement scheme had started to take place. This scheme involves the initial replacement of 800 lanterns and many columns in the borough. The new lighting of choice is the Holophane V-Max. Between 2015 and 2018 all 14,000 columns under Bedford Borough control will be inspected and replaced where deemed to be at end-of-life

This large scale replacement scheme may spell the end of the 'Castie' in the area and very probably the Mercury lamp.

I will add to this page over the coming months with any upgrades of interest

The first wave of replacements have been the Holophane V-Max, however the council has taken the decision that they want to use 'Telesensor' style controls and the V-Max models purchased were unsuitable. The V-Max lanterns have been already by the Urbis Ampera in many areas, see examples here

More details of the scheme can be found on the official Bedford Borough site

Some existing replacements such as those with WRTL 'Stela' lanterns have started been replaced again with V-Max or Ampera lanterns

Hawkings Road, the only remaining cast iron column on this street was removed back in 2008 and in 2015 the Philips XGS 103 for replaced with new LED. The V-Max does not really suit a side entry with its oversized column spigot.


Broad Avenue sees this old column seeing its demise. This old glass bowled GEC lantern still virtually works as well as it would have when new and with some TLC could be restored.

This Revo column, bracket and original Revo open lantern will soon be removed. In the distance a modern hockeystick has had its lantern replaced.


Brackley Road was one of the few roads which had managed to keep all Mercury stock intact, (most being on original cast iron columns) until 2014, now the remaining columns are set to go.

On Brackley Road another column is being replaced. The barrier and the pipe is related to works on the water supply and not the street lighting.


Faraday Square sees its remaining 'Casties' being replaced.

UPDATE: The Replacement has subsequently been changed again to Urbis

Concretes are also on the list for replacement such as this example on Kelvin Avenue.

UPDATE: The Holophane lantern has been changed to Urbis Ampera

Lighting on the Ford End Road bridge sees a full replacement, the new LED lanterns appear tiny when compared by the old 135W GEC lantern on the parallel Midland Road

Later in the summer the GEC lantern was replaced also

In 2017 The 6M column bracket has been replaced along with all the others over the bridge to double arm type. The V-Max have been re-used but the other side is an Ampera. The double arms are to light a footbridge which runs parallel to this bridge.

Further on along the bridge, the last remaining old column faces removal

UPDATE: This was changed to a double arm bracket in 2017

 In Bedford town centre along 'The Grove' the original Revo column has been retained but a new bracket and lantern have been installed


Another example of an old Baker column which has been retained on Waterloo Road with a new lantern and bracket

In April 2016 Commercial Road loses it's GEC Turtles but the old columns are reused

More GEC Turtles are lost on Duckmill Crescent 


Marlborough Park in neighbouring Kempston sees its last 3 concrete columns with GEC Z5590 MBF lanterns removed

 Bushmead Avenue recently had its lanterns changed to V-Max and a few weeks later the decision has been taken to replace all of the columns also

Also on Beckett Street the new lanterns have been replaced with newer columns fitted with the same lanterns


From Autumn 2016 the scheme took a change in direction by switching from Holophane to Urbis 'Ampera' LED lanterns, this example is on Mabel Road. These are now being installed in all new replacements. It is not clear if all the V-Max lanterns will be replaced or just these few streets

In July 2017 this Baker of Bedford Cast Iron column was replaced by a modern 'Heritage Lantern' The remainder of columns on this road were fitted with new brackets and V-Max lanterns

On RAM Yard left image shows a GEC Z5580 lantern and the right its replacement is probably a D.W. Windsor Iffley (thanks to Mike Barford for helping to identify this lantern)

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