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These are replacement schemes in Bedfordshire and are arranged in date order. For Bedford Town please go to the Bedford page

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Wood Lane, Cotton End - March 2009

Wood End in Cotton End which is located on the A600 south of Bedford and was lit by GEC MBF lanterns on mainly CU Columns.  The replacements are SON lanterns which seem to be becoming the norm for Bedfordshire. The replacement scheme was completed quickly and the old concrete columns are now gone.

The original concete lantern appers to have been hit by a vehicle so had to be replaced. The left side picture taken in November 2008 shows a Thorn Beta 5 on new steel column being installed as the replacment, however in March 2009 the same column now supports an  WRTL Arc which is a SON lamp.


 Further along 6m steel columns are being installed all supporting post top Arc lanterns.

Another lantern facing it's demise on the street corner.

The old columns have had their day and the street will not see MBF lighting again.

The old column which has already been sleeved in the past is awaiting its removal.

Another Sleeved column & GEC Z5590 lantern that will soon no longer be lighting the street with the cool white glow of the Mercury Vapour Lamp. I suspect the village feel of this road will soon be lost with the modern urban SON lighting being installed.

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Cornwall Road, Ampthill - January 2010

Ampthill is a small historic market town in the heart of Bedfordshire, it is fortunate to still feature Mercury (MBF) lanterns in very large quanities some on cast iron columns, some on concrete and some on alluminium. In the photo section you can find several examples of these. Normally replacement in the town is on a ad-hoc or casual basis, surprisingly this little road has had all 3 columns replaced.


This is the first example seeing the old CU column and GEC Z5590 lantern being replaced by a 5M column with WRTL ARC lantern


Another Identical column in the process of replacement, the ARC's are running SON which is the norm in central bedfordshire these days.

This is the last of the 3, again the original column and lantern is identical to the others. I don't consider the smaller size ARC to be a large lantern but it makes the old GEC lantern look tiny and also the new column makes the old look very short!

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Lucas Way, Shefford - February 2010

This street has undergone a total lantern replacement from its old GEC SOX lanterns to WRTL 'Stela', in most cases the original columns have been retained but they have been sleeved. to learn more about the Stela please visit the WRTL 'Stela' Site

 A Typical new installation with its sleeved column.

A close up of a lantern shows the distinctive LED array the 'Stela' has, this model has 36 LED's

An example of one of the lanterns in action, the individual LED emitters can be clearly seen here. The white dots in the background of the photo is a snow storm that had just started.

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Ampthill - October 2010

During the last couple of years, central bedfordshire have carried out some casual and larger scale schemes using WRTL 'Arc' or 'Stela' lanterns but in late 2010 the norm for minor roads in thi area has become the WRTL 'Libra' PL lamp version with various replacements in several towns and villages across the district. This page shows a couple of examples of several casual replacements that have appeared in various streets in Ampthill.

Church Avenue (though the sign gives the location away), a rather green Thorn alluminium column with Thorn 'Beta 7' lantern, this was an MBF lantern which was common in Ampthill. Its days are numbered as there is now a new steel column with a 'Libra' being installed. In the background is a Phosco P567 which luckily was only a one-off install.

Another 'Libra' being installed on Abbey Lane replacing a GEC Z5936 which was common in Central Beds but not in Ampthill itself.

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Kempston - February 2012 (onwards)

The town of Kempston which adjoins directly onto Bedford to the west has traditionally been vastly different to Bedford in that all the lighting had been standardised to SOX with the exception of some of the major routes. The installation of SOX continued up until 2010 but is now being gradually replaced by new columns fitted with WRTL ‘Libra’ lanterns which seem to be the lantern of choice throughout the county.

Unlike the Northamptonshire PFI the scheme seems to not be concentrating on just replacing by a-street-at-a-time so many casual replacements are coming in. It also seems that in kempston only small clusters are being replaced at any time leaving a mixture of old and new, whether this will change in the coming months we wait and see. The examples shown here are in Hillgrounds area but similar is taking place on Spring Road and surrounding streets.

Hiigrounds Road: No these photos are in the correct order. The photo above left was taken the week before the one on the right. The old 6M columns with 55W SOX GEC lanterns are being replaced by 5M columns fitted with 55W WRTL Libra's which seems a little odd! You will notice on the second photo that the lantern has been removed on this and all other new columns in the road.


Hilgrounds Road: Oops! it looks like 5M columns were a mistake, better fit some 6M ones instead. The new columns are installed and the Libra is refitted. finally the old column is removed.


Hilgrounds Road: a little further down another replacement is taking place and again the wrong size columns has been installed and is quickly replaced. for some reason the next column up in this photo has so far not been replaced and this is not the only example. this scheme seems to not be replacing all columns at this stage.


Hilgrounds Road: This existing column was fitted with a WRTL Arc a short while ago. I wonder if it too will be replaced shortly?


Bedford Road: Not to be confused with a road of the same name which is a major road through the town. this Bedford Road is a minor road which adjoins the main route. Another 6M column is being replaced by a 5M column.This time the new column seems to be correct as the road is very quiet a 5M column seems adequate.


Bedford Road: Another new column being installed to replace an existing column which was fitted with an Industria 2000 lantern.


A New 5M column being installed to replace an existing Thorn column which like many examples in the town has been sleeved

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