Replacement Schemes Bedfordshire (Continued)

These are replacement schemes in Bedfordshire and are arranged in date order. For Bedford Town please go to the Bedford page

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The Highway, Shortstown - July 2012 

The Highway in Shortstown was the main A600 road until 2011 when as part of vast  expansion of the village with 'New Cardington' started being built on a redundant RAF site that the A600 was diverted onto a new route around the central core of the village. The old road is now a local road and a bus route through the village only with rising bollards installed to prevent 'rat running'.


The road only had a few old columns (mainly concrete) until around 10 years ago when the entire road had 10M columns installed with Philips SGS 203's. Now their time is up and new columns fitted with WRTL 'Libra's' are being installed.


More 'Libra's' being installed, New Cardington iteself is lit by Arc's and where the A600 north of the village  has been modified by the Highways Agency to allow for the extra traffic that will be generated in the future new 'Iridiumn's' have been fitted. Nice to see some continunity...not!

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High Street, Elstow - July 2012 

Elstow village just south of Bedford was part of the A6 trunk road until the 1990's and now the through road is quiet. Elstow had kept many of its major road street lights until 2012.


Along the old A6 High Street were a number of 25ft columns with Philips MA30 SON lanterns, probably dating from the 1970's


In 2012 the columns have been cut down, had ornate ladder rests fitted and new post top lanterns installed. The design looks like it may be an Indo induction light, the Indo brand is being used in many areas of the county, normally for major road lighting. The Indo website can be accessed here


The second column along also now modified. The induction lamp fitted is a traditional 'bulb' As a general comment these lanterns are very dim indeed and I believe they are only rated at 35W and run a very warm white colour.

This 10m column with WRTL MRL6 was replaced earlier in the year with a new smaller column fitted with a WRTL Libra but in July this was replaced also

June 2017 sees the Induction lanterns replaced again with LED 'Heritage Lanterns' as part of the LED replacements going ahead across Bedford Borough

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Northbridge Street, Shefford - November 2012

Shefford Northbridge Street (yes it does sound like part of a motherboard) and Southbridge Street both had all the lighting replaced in 2012. The two bridges that the streets are named after cross the rivers Flit and Hit which join the river Ivel.


A typical example of the previous installation on the road was 6M Hockeysticks with WRTL 2600's running SON possibly 100W? or 70W? 

On the new install the 6M columns had the top cut off and Indo Induction lamps attached. Like Elstow these were at first very dim but after complaints they have been upgraded and are now reasonably bright and cool white in colour. I am unsure if the lamps have been changed or if the lamp has simply had its power increased which may explain the change in brightness and colour temperature?? 

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Ampthill Road, Shefford - November 2012

During The Autumn of 2012 all of the main roads entering Shefford had the lighting replaced, this section is concentrating on Ampthill Road.

The installation along the road was a real mixture of ages with some 10M and some 8M columns installed. Some SOX and SON lighting was installed along its length.  A Philips MA lantern with 90W SOX lamp and integral gear was common in the town. In the background are some of the replacements

Two photos of the same column taken in 2008 and then in November 2012 the old GEC 9564 lantern 90W SOX was the only surviving example has since been replaced with an Indo induction lantern on the same column.

 Quite a few of the column brackets have been replaced by these 'stumpy' examples. It seems that Indo's are not suitable for post top mounting

Awaiting replacement is this non-geared Philips MA 90 lantern

 This casual replacement near the bypass has not been changed nor have the SON Philips Irridiums at this end of the road.


In nearby Campton Road the Thorn Beta 5's have been replaced with similar looking lanterns running Induction Lamps. Brand unknown.

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Clifton - May 2013

Next to Shefford in the village of Clifton virtually all of the minor road lanterns and columns have been replaced

In Knolls way this old Eleco Column has been replaced with a brand new black column with what appears to be Beta 5 fitted but in fact it is a a lookalike Induction Lantern.


 Still on Knolls Way the induction lamp in this new lantern can easily be seen. The column I believe is an oversleeve type which is mounted over the base of the original Eleco column to avoid moving the supply cable.

On Shefford Road this rather short looking Eleco column with no bracket and a Philips Irridiium fitted has also been replaced. UPDATE: by Autumn 2013 the lanterns have been replaced again along the entire length of this village road with modified Philips 'Streetfighters' (see below)

This is the same column as of November 2013 now fitted with a new Philips lantern and circular induction lamp. Only this road has been upgraded in this manner. perhaps the 'Beta 5' style lanterns were underpowered on this fairly busy road?


Stanford Lane this Revo column has survived but now a new bracket and induction lamp has been fitted

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A600/B658 Junction - Late 2013

In Central Beds several major road junctions had all lighting replaced with Induction lights. I am unsure of the brand of these as they don't seem to be the normal Indo's. These produce a reasonable output so are probably a high wattage

This 6M column was installed in 2011 to replace a 10M one that had been hit by a vehicle. It was fitted with an Indo induction lamp but in 2013 was replaced with a more powerful induction light on a new bracket.


This 8M column also fitted due to a vehicle hit earlier on was fitted with a WRTL Libra but has also been replaced. The junction previously had examples of SON, SOX, PL and Induction so was a very eclectic mix.

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Various, Shefford - February 2014

In 2014 there was a sharp change in replacement lighting used in Central Bedfordshire, the use of PL and Induction lamps appears to have ceased and LED has come into use.

These LED lanterns on Shefford Road are the first major road type I have seen used in the town, at first I thought they may be related to the new estate but a similar install has gone ahead in Ampthill so this may the way forward?


 This old Eleco column which was relamped in 2011 from a Beta 5 to a WRTL Libra is one of many now replaced with an oversleeve column made by Hardie Lighting of Flitwick. The new lanterns are all LED (unknown brand).


 On riverside another example of an oversleeve column fitted over an old Eleco column

A close-up view of a day burning example. It will be interesting to see how much light these actually produce. I notice the colour produced by the 2 rows of LED's is a warmer white.

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