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These are replacement schemes in The East of England

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Ship Road Area, Lowestoft - May 2009 (Updated 2014)

This estate in Pakefield which is a small area located at the south end of the port town of Lowestoft in Suffolk, the old lighting in the minor roads is mostly Eleco (or Davis) GR5011 or GR551 mostly on concrete columns, though some are on Steel columns. Normally replacement is on a casual basis though the lighting on this estate seems to be being replaced completely and this current round of replacements is taking many of the last remaining SOX lanterns in this estate. The old columns had all gone by July 2009.

This lovely old Revo Sol D'or from the 1950's would have been one of the originals installed in this eatate, only 2 have survivied until today. It's days are now numbered.

Another Revo Sol D'or also being removed, the replacements are always the same in Lowestoft - Urbis Sapphire's, the style of the columns are always the same also. These are probably running SON though there are some Ceramic Metal Halide versions in use. 

An Eleco (or Davis) GR551 on a concrete column being replaced, the new column will be painted the usual Suffolk green.

Another GR551 being replaced.

Another replacement in progress.

This scheme was one of the last to use Urbis Lanterns as Suffolk has since universally adopted the WRTL Arc as the standard replacement lantern for most schemes.

In 2014 on nearby Whitney Road, all the columns are being replaced by new columns fitted with Philips WRTL Arc's. These are fitted with SON lanterns which is becoming unusual nowadays but seems to be the norm in Lowestoft

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Southtown Road Port Area, Gt Yarmouth - August 2009

This grid of streets is located to the west of the Southtown Road Ports on the river Yar. Probably formerly built for the shipping industry which once thrived here. Mass replacements of the old concrete columns which currently house SOX lanterns are in progress. New columns have been installed all supporting post top WRTL Libra PL Flourescent lanterns. WRTL brand lanterns seems to be the norm now for replacements in Gt Yarmouth, some of which are Arc's and some are Libra's

Gordon Road and a new 6M steel column supporting a Post Top WRTL Libra PL flourescent Lantern, similar in design to the Philips Residum though it looks slightly more robust in its build than the Residium. Coincidently the control gear used is Philips . WRTL clearly have designed it to have similar characteristics of style to its sister, the Arc lantern.


Gordon Road, this time the replacement is on the oposite side to the original column. This will put all lantern on this section of Gordon Road on the same side. I do like the look of these lanterns and would like to see this street at night once the new ones are on line.

Again on Gordon Road, the old concrete column is being replaced with a 6M steel one. The old column is one of very few that have the original bracket section intact. The old Lantern is a GEC Z9582 35W SOX.

Another Concrete Column, this one on Lichfield Road has had a steel bracket put on at some stage. The lantern is a GEC Z9583 which is a Top Entry version of the 9582.


On a corner of Litchfield Road a similar concrete column is being replaced

Another replacement, the bracket on the old column looks a little odd, perhaps its been modified to enable a side entry lantern to be used?


I think this one is on Litchfield Road, At the time of the picture no new column had been installed, I am sure this will change very shortly. A strange extension piece has been used to enable a top entry lantern to be installed.

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Gorleston - September 2012 (Updated 2017)

Like neighbouring Great Yarmouth the town is going through a massive lighting upgrade programme with replacements of columns and lanterns taking place. The choice of lanterns is normally Philips WRTL ‘Libra’ Lanterns on smaller side roads and ‘Arc’s’ on larger and major roads. SON lighting is used on major roads with PL Fluorescent and Ceramic Metal Halide on side roads. In more recent times any new installs are now LED

Back Pier Plain and an old badly spalling concrete is being replaced with a new 5M colum and 'Libra' lantern. This is the larger version of the lantern.


 Peir Plain, a number of Thorn 'Alpha 9's' are being replaced by new columns with Philips WRTL 'Arc's', Note: in 2017 some of the older columns were still installed next to their successors.


Baker Street, The older 25ft columns are being replaced with new larger 10M columns with 'Arc' lanterns - In 2017 the installation had still not proceeded any further


Blackwall Reach, This old conrete is spalling and the top enty Thorn 'Beta' is in very poor condition with its bowl completely yellow.


Slightly further along Blackwall reach is a new column and lantern while on the opposite side an older steel column is still installed. On this installation the new columns are positoned away from the older ones.


A close up at the older column shows it is very overgrown.

Again on the same lane another replacement column goes in on the opposite side. The old bracket gives the impression it is sneaking a peak around the cornder of that house.


 Still on Blackwall Reach, this Beta 5 is very rusty indeed.


At the end of Blackwall Reach is a nice old 'castie' with Revo bracket. it looks rather small compared with its replacement. Note: In 2015 both columns are still there


Just off Blackwall Reach is this Revo colum and bracket with a rather 'fugly' replacement opposite of a PL Fluorescent 'Arc' which is too big for its location, the old column has since been removed


On the corner of the High Street a 25ft column with a dayburning WRTL MRL6 (or its older GEC version) is being replaced. The positioning of the two columns makes it look like they have had a disagreement.


 On the High Street all the older 25ft columns are in the process of replacement


 School Lane, an 8M colum with Philips 'Iridium' is being replaced by a smaller column fitted with a 'Libra' this type of 'upgrade' is reminisent of Bedord.


On the same lane is this old Thorn column and possibly a GEC lantern which is badly overgrown. I wonder if it works?


A Philips MI26 or XGS 103 is being replaced by a WTRL Lantern (of course this is now another Philips brand lantern)

On Cliff Avenue another 'castie' faces its demise (Photo taken Sept 2015)

Just outside Gorleston in Bradwell, replacements are taking place in Morton Crescent. The new columns are fitted with LED Lanterns though I am unsure of the types being fitted (photo taken September 2015)

The next replacement column in Morton Crescent is fitted with a different LED lantern (photo taken September 2015).

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