Bedfordshire Streetlighting

Replacement Schemes East of England (Continued)

 These are replacement schemes in The East of England

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Great Yarmouth Centre - September 2012

Further upgrades taking place in the central parts of Great Yarmouth. The use of the 'Libra' and 'Arc' are still the replacement lanterns of choice in this Norfolk resort.

Fullers Hill, Classic GEC 'Turtle' lanterns are being replaced by Philips WRTL 'Arc's' on identical height columns

In this example the new column is is very close proximity to the old one. Both lanterns are SON (High Pressure Sodium).

St Nicholas Road, an old GEC Z9554M is being replaced by an 'Arc', and in the background a new column with an 'Arc' replaces an older column with an identical lantern

Along this car park a genuine old Cast Iron column and victorian style lantern is being replaced by a new copy of the same lantern, Note: in 2015 both columns are still installed

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