Gravenhurst Variety Photos taken June 2010 to July 2014

The pretty central Bedfordshire village of Gravenhurst (to be accurate this is Upper Gravenhurst) has what I believe is the largest variety of lanterns that I have come across in such a limited area. I have tried to capture images of at least one of each of the types found of which I have found 15 different models of lanterns, in fact I don't believe that there are any 2 identical lanterns anywhere in the village in sequence.

I have taken a couple of update photos in July 2012 as the Libra has now reached this village adding yet another lantern into the mix. The page has been updated again in 2014.

Along Clophill Road a chunky GEC Z9481 lantern survives on a long pole bracket

 Further down Clophill Road is a GEC Z5939 on a pole bracket mounted at a strange angle

Parkside is a short road that runs parallel with Clophill Road but still has an extraordinary variation in lighting. This column is original but the lantern has been changed (sometime between 2013 to 2014) from a Thorn Beta 5 to an Induction Beta 5 Look-a-like

On this green on Parkside, a GEC Z5670 survives, I think this is a SOX version.

 a little bit further down Parkside a Philips 'Streetfighter' running SON is mounted on a modern column.

 Slighly further down would have been a duplicate column and lantern to the one above but it has been damaged and a new column with WRTL Arc has been installed instead.

 still along Parkside, this was until recently another GEC Z5670 on concrete column but is now a new drop down column with 2 CU Phosco P567 SON lanterns

Still on Parkside, a Stanton Column with modern Thorn Beta 5 SOX Lantern. UPDATE: Neither the lantern or column now survives, see the next photo. 

 In the same location on Parkside the Stanton 1805 column has been replaces by an 'oversleeve' column which is  becoming common in Central Beds where the bottom of the concrete column is left in and the new column is slotted over the base.

 This is a small close called Recreation Rise. This close only has 2 columns and you can guess - they are different. This is a sleeved column with modern Thorn Beta 2 lantern for 55W SOX, which seems a little excessive for this location.

 Again on Recreation Rise is a an Eleco HW 877, (or 878 or 879) which is unusual for Bedfordshire as the norm for post top lanterns  is GEC in this county. I am unsure if this is MBF or SOX type. It could be the later PT 828 but due to the age of the street I would say these are the original 1960's installation.

 on the High Street a WRTL 2600 probably running SON is mounted on a pole bracket

Another sleeve column on the High Street where a Stanton Concrete stood

 Further along the High Street is a GEC Z9536 again mounted on a pole bracket but this one is rather high up!

Still on the High Street an older design Thorn Beta 5 resides on this pole bracket. The bowl is rather discoloured and dirty.

 On the High Street is a WRTL Arc, this is the second one in the village but the only one on a pole bracket and the only one on this road.

 Finally on the High Street is a Philips XGS 104, 55W SOX on a pole bracket

 Along Campton Road is the second appearance of the CU Phosco P567 in the village, again this is the only pole mounted one I am aware of here

Still on Campton Road is a Philips XGS 103 with a taped up bowl, this is a fairly recent addition as previously it was an Eleco Lantern

 Further out of the centre on the Campton Road is a Eleco 'Golden Ray' 501 again on pole bracket, the older GR 501's such as this example have the lampholder at the side entry end

 Still on Campton Road what I think is an Eleco GR 526 which is also an unusual lantern for Bedfordshire

The last lantern on the way out of the village on the Campton Road is another example of a GEC Z9481