Replacement Schemes North of England

These are replacement schemes in The North of England

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Marton, Blackpool - September 2010

Up until 2010, Blackpool had a huge number of WRTL lanterns, most of which were mounted on sleeved concrete columns.  The existing stock was almost entirely SON except in some of the Town Centre areas.

Replacements are taking place on a large scale and in Sept 2010 the area of Marton iwas being refurbished with new columns and lanterns, almost all of which are Urbis Evolo 2 with CosmoPolis CPO-TW lamps which produce a warm-white light on satin finish style columns of varying heights.

The scheme is a part of the Blackpool PFI Community Lighting Partnership (CLP) with the installation works by E.ON UK. The CLP has a dedicated website via this link

In Grizedale Road the older sleeved columns are being replaced. The older lanterns are WRTL 2600's which were installed in huge numbers throughout blackpool.

 A Closeup of one of the new Evolo 2 lanterns showing the CPO-TW lamp installed.

Another example of the new lanterns is dayburning which seems to be quite common on the estate, perhaps they are on test?

Replacement in progress on Winster Place in front of this lovely old windmill

The existing columns being replaced on Kentmere Drive, i think the old column is a 6M, the sleeved concretes on this road are also a similar height. The shopping arcade in the background is very much of its time.

Rossett Avenue is one of the few side streets not to have 2600's installed and instead has WRTL SRL8F's installed or could possibly be the older GEC version. The galvanised sleeves are showing their age with rust and weathering present.

On Seathwaite Avenue the new column is positioned very close to the existing position and is the same height as the original.

Borrowdale road is different in that the new lanterns are not Evolo 2's, which need a closer look.

Looking closer at the lantern, there are cells around the inside perimiter of the lantern which are actually LED's, this fitting uses LED's in a different way to other designs on the market by not using the LED's to provide direct lighting. These are provided by E.on, thanks go to Mike Barford for identifying this.

Along Cherry Tree Road the existing MRL6 lanterns or GEC versions on 8M sleeved concrete are being replaced by shorter columns again with Evolo 2 lanterns.

Finally on Kumara Cresecent an unsleeved column  with post top lantern is being replaced

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